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circles in minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game with millions of players all over the world. One of the essential skills a Minecraft player must have is building. However, building in Minecraft requires creativity and technical know-how, especially when it comes to building perfect circles. In this article, we will show you how to build perfect circles in Minecraft using various methods and tools.

What are Circles in Minecraft?

Before we dive into how to build circles in Minecraft, let’s first understand what circles are in Minecraft. Circles in Minecraft are a series of blocks arranged in a circular pattern. They are essential in building structures such as towers, domes, and other round structures.

Method 1: Using a Circle Generator

One of the easiest ways to build circles in Minecraft is by using a circle generator. A circle generator is a tool that generates the block placement for a perfect circle. Here’s how to use a circle generator:

  1. Go to the Minecraft circle generator website
  2. Enter the diameter of the circle you want to create
  3. Click on the “generate” button
  4. The generator will display the pattern of blocks required to build the circle.

Once you have the pattern, you can build the circle in your Minecraft world.

Method 2: Using a Plotting Tool

Another method of building circles in Minecraft is by using a plotting tool. A plotting tool is a tool that helps you plot the points of a circle, making it easy to build the circle. Here’s how to use a plotting tool:

  1. Choose the size of the circle you want to create
  2. Plot the center of the circle on a flat surface
  3. Using a plotting tool, plot the points of the circle around the center
  4. Connect the points to form the circle.

Once you have the points, you can start placing blocks to form the circle.

Method 3: Using Templates

Templates are pre-made circles that you can use to build your circles. You can find templates online and download them. Here’s how to use templates:

  1. Find a template of the circle you want to build
  2. Download and print the template
  3. Cut out the template along the lines
  4. Place the template on the ground where you want to build the circle
  5. Use the cut-out template as a guide to place blocks to form the circle.

Method 4: Using Command Blocks

Command blocks are another tool you can use to build circles in Minecraft. Here’s how to use command blocks:

  1. Open the chat window in Minecraft
  2. Type /give @p command_block
  3. Place the command block on the ground
  4. Right-click on the command block to open the GUI
  5. Type the command “/fill ~ ~ ~ ~21 ~21 ~21 minecraft:stone 0 replace minecraft:air”
  6. Press the button to execute the command
  7. The command will generate a perfect circle made of stone blocks.

Tips for Building Circles in Minecraft

Building perfect circles in Minecraft can be challenging, but with these tips, you can make the process much easier:

  • Use a circle generator or a plotting tool to create a guide for building circles.
  • Start by building a smaller circle and work your way up to larger circles.
  • Build the circle from the center outwards to ensure symmetry.
  • Use a variety of block types to add texture and depth to your circle.
  • Experiment with different circle sizes and shapes to create unique structures.


Creating circles in Minecraft can be a challenge, but with the help of a circle generator and some practice, you can become an expert builder. Whether you’re building a vehicle, a tower, or just a decorative element for your world, circles are a versatile and essential shape to know how to create in Minecraft.

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